The POPI Act has been meticulously designed to enhance the security of Personal Information belonging to South African citizens in an age of ever-developing technology and sophisticated cyber-attacks. Hence, individuals are required to develop an extensive appreciation for the constituents of a continuous compliance programme, in order to initiate the overhaul of operational systems in organisations with a central data processing, storage, or monitoring function. Compliance with the stringent, prescriptive, but necessary POPI is imperative for the continuation of a business, in its entirety, as fines for non-compliance and possible jail sentence can be invoked. As the POPI Act is now legally enforced, it is more important than ever for businesses to demonstrate full POPI compliance as soon as possible.

Our training course will cover the following:

  • What is the POPI Act;
  • What is “Personal Information”, and “Processing” of Personal Information;
  • Who are the role players in terms of the POPI Act, coupled with their rights and responsibilities; and
  • The common processes to put in place in order to become POPI Act compliant.

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