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Fachs Business Consulting & Training is an accredited Training Provider that offers accredited Learnerships in different industries. At Fachs Business Consulting & Training we are determined to equip our learners with practical skills and work experience which is a great opportunity to be employed while you study for your qualification.

The Learnership program at Fachs Business Consulting & Training has enabled the enrolled delegates to learn, excel and succeed within their respective fields and industries of expertise. We at Fachs analyze and recognize the need for certain skills in your organization and provide learnerships according to that need in your organization to produce learners that are able to fill in the skills gap that the organization needs.

Our learnerships are inclusive of practical and theoretical learning structures to make sure we produce skilled employees for the organization. Fachs Learnerships are all accredited with SAQA.

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Benefits for partnering with us

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Closing your skills gap

Fachs Training is Placing fresh, skilled professionals in a role that maximizes their unique abilities and maximizes your organization’s bottom line.

Making a difference socially and economically

Fachs Training promotes social and economical independence.

Professional Solutions

Fachs Training promotes adherence and compliance with skills development and employment equity.

Benefit from tax credits

Achieve upper scale levels on your BEE scorecard.

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