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Fachs Business Consulting and Training (Pty) Ltd established in 2011, is an internationally acclaimed management consulting and business performance improvement firm with a special emphasis on African Markets.
FACHS relies on more than a decade of experience in the South African public sector. Today, FACHS offers cutting edge tailor-made training programmes and consulting and project management services to both the public and the private sector.

FACHS also operates FACHS College, a leading institution of higher education and training established to complement the company‘s service offering. FACHS also provides services in the field of strategic planning, research as well as a full range of enterprise development services for emerging entrepreneurs.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to help corporate entities manage their overall profitability performance and the creation of value for various stakeholders.
We strive to be the most preferred management consulting and corporate training service provider in South Africa and our African Markets through customized, relevant, and sustainable business solutions. We are working hard to always keep our clients ahead of the tide, positioning them to respond to business problems in the shortest possible time and at the least cost possible.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide sustainable performance improvement solutions to our public and private clients in South Africa and the wider African Markets. Our main domain is to capacitate our clients with the aim of improving organizational performance through management consulting, corporate training, and project management services.

Our Values

Our organization is based on inclusiveness and service. With our value system, we always ensure that we provide unmatched service to our clients. Our commitment to our clients. Our commitment to our clients and staff fosters an environment that supports continuous and never-ending improvement. Our value system also makes achieving the triple bottom line (Economic, social and environmental) fundamentals.

Our Strategy

In comparison to its competitors, FACHS offers bespoke services. FACHS is one of the few service providers that offer full services packages from the design of its offerings, development of material, and delivery. The essential approach to customer service means involving the customer at the service design stage and attention to the client‘s requirements.

We analyze problems in conjunction with our clients, recommend cost-effective solutions, and oversee the implementation and evaluation of these solutions. FACHS priority is reliability, quality service, conformance to high local and international quality standards and requirements. FACHS follows a rigorous four-step customer engagement process.FACHS strategy is centered on putting our customer first, and at the core of our business.

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What makes us different?

Our blended approach

We set ourselves apart by not only providing training but also by helping our  clients’ to peak performance through superior consulting and advisory service in business domains

We operate on sound business principles

We enable our clients to adapt workplace, build the right capacity for performance and gain a competitive edge to meet the challenges of the global marketplace.

A dynamic training approach

We add value to the private sector, public sector, educational institutions, NGOs, our partner companies, communities, and the economy.