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The certificate in municipal financial management is being introduced in support of all requirements of the National Treasury Regulations. The certificate is the minimum competency level required for municipal officials and interns in the local government sector.

Why choose Fachs Business Consulting & Training?

The Certificate in Municipal Financial Management has been developed by the Local Government Studies and Education Trust of Southern Africa (LGSETA), to enhance financial literacy and skills in key areas of municipal financial management, including cash flow management, budgeting, risk management, debt financing, and planning. Being certified in municipal financial management prepares municipal professionals to know government policies such as service delivery, implementing financial controls, managing risk within the local government, managing all aspects of the municipal budgeting system, and managing all stakeholder relationships.

Fachs Business Consulting & Training is fully accredited with Local Government Studies and Education Trust (LGSETA) as a service provider to provide a full qualification on National Certificate: Municipal Finance – Level 6 – SAQA ID 48965. Read more about the municipal financial management program at Fachs Business Consulting & Training.

The training program will equip you with the following skills upon completion of your training:
-Municipal Accounting And Risk
-Governance and Legislation
-Cost and Capital Planning
-Strategic Management Budgeting
-Management municipal IT support
-Implementation and Performance
-Project Management SCM
-Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)

The municipal financial management program at Fachs Business Consulting is targetted at:
• CFOs
• CEOs
• Middle Managers to be competent as per the regulations
• Interns
• Heads of Supply Chain Management

If you need certification in Municipal financial management then our program at Fachs Business Consulting and Training is for you. Click here to request information on the training program


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